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Our mission is to empower success, to encourage, to promote and to enable.


Our vision is to build a world class nationwide nonprofit organization that measures its success by the success of its clients. As a result of KACEF's services and programs, our clients will learn self-sufficiency, financially independence, develop a goal-oriented philosophy , pursue vocational/educational opportunities, make responsible decisions, model successful behavior that they will give back to their families and communities.


Our mission and vision will be accomplished by providing personal development programs, employment opportunities, operate revenue generating social enterprises, training and educational opportunities, workshops, coaching, seminars, and motivational literature, CDs & DVDs.


Our priorities involve the following areas:

Three Guiding Principles

  1. Empower = To give power and authority
  2. Promote = To help and encourage to flourish
  3. Enable = To supply with the means, knowledge, and opportunity