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Building Images Program – Participants receive insightful and motivational tips on making choices for; career, education, vocational training and financial literacy. Fees: Individual $50 / Workshop (Group) $25 each. Although fees are associated with our programs, call or email for possible sponsorships that will make our services free of charge to you and your family(income and other restrictions may apply).


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Building Images Program:

Young adults, youth and children participants receive information and guidance on developing life skills, identifying academic and vocational goals and personal finance.

Building Images Program Description

1. Life Skills- This element covers the road to growing up, the obstacles that can hinder success and methods in overcoming those obstacles.

2. Pathways - This element explores college or vocational training as the pathways to success.

3. Money Management 101 - This element provides an overview of saving and investing.

4. Entrepreneurship - This element explores business ownership.


Sponsor A Youth

To sponsor; email: Building Images
Individual Coaching (2 Hours)(1-session only) $50
Individual and group Coaching includes follow-up coaching/mentoring services and activities for 12 months $500

Sponsor a Workshop (10 clients) includes follow-up coaching/ mentoring services for 12 months